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Welcome Smile rehab

Established in 1998, Smile Rehab is now one of the UK's leading specialists in the manufacture and supply of assistive technology for people with special needs. All our products are supplied with the end user in mind, utilising Smile Rehab's close relationship with medical bodies and world experts giving access to the latest technologies.

Our Mission

Our aim is to work with people and provide a bespoke service not just based on product availability, but matched to an individuals specific needs. Our products will always fit the individuals lifestyle and designed to develop personality, increase motivation, fun and independence.

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- Smart Wheelchair Smart Wheelchair Front Smart wheelchair Smart Box Smart wheelchair Side View

Our Smart Wheelchair

Smart wheelchairs are uniquely modified powered wheelchairs, installed with Smile's own Smart controls, creating an intelligent chair via anti-collision sensors, voice confirmations, pre-determined track following, speed and motion control. All these capabilities aid and improve the decision making of the user making the chair more safe and easier to use.

The Smart Wheelchair provides a common learning environment for communication, mobility and some structured play and exploration, in which skills transfer from task to task and give some relief from the responsibility for mundane mobility tasks, whilst new skills are required.

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- Smart Platform

Smart Platform

Smart Platform is an ingenious mobility aid. Allows for an individual's bespoke chair to be easily loaded via integral ramps onto the platform, instantly converting a chair to a powered chair, granting independence. Making it perfect for schools and care homes, as it enables multiple people to use the Platform but with their own unique seating and controls.

Smile's Smart control hub is installed on each platform, adding all the functions of the Smart chair to the Platform including: carer control, anti-collision sensors, voice confirmations, pre-determined track following, speed and motion control.

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- Assessments List of Assessment Details

On-site Assessment

We offer to all potential customers a unique on-site assessment. The aim is to generate a full understanding of a clients wants and needs, allowing us to create a bespoke solution to help improve their independence and general way of life. Looking at everyday scenarios in the assessment centre will help see what is achievable with the right technological solution, whether it's a unique switching configuration, Genie joysticks or the Smart box.

Roger who has 15 years vast experience of working and living in the disability equipment sector will take the assessment. Roger will utilize his expertise to make you feel comfortable so you can share all your needs and concerns in a reassuring environment

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- Rehadapt Mounts Disability Rehadapt Table Mount Rehadapt Ipad Table Mount Disability Mount Floorstand

Rehadapt Mounts

A Uk Distributor for highly tensile Rehadapt mounts which can be fitted to all types of wheelchairs, tables, beds or any secure surface. Communication devices, tablets, switches and controls are commonly mounted items. The mounts can be sent as a do it yourself kit or one of highly skilled engineers can safely and securely fit the mount and also give the required training.

We provide a complete asessment, supply and fitting service. By helping you assess what is needed we can design and provide a complete solution with quality products and service so please don't hesitate to contact us. .

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